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the AirBip sample uptake monitor

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The 'AirBip' - a monitor on liquid sample uptake

   an accessory for ICP instruments and autosamplers
- gives visible and audible alerts when air bubbles enter sample capillaries
- gives stronger alerts when liquid sample absent for longer times
- diagnoses sample flow instability of self aspirating nebulizers
AirBip sample uptake monitor

the AirBip :
- saves time if ICP sample flow is interrupted
- is inserted in seconds, no need to cut sample line
- is available for capillaries with OD = 1.6mm or 1.3mm (1/16" or 1/20")
- is delivered with optional electrical supply - 6 Volts / 100mA.
- available from EPOND GmbH in Switzerland
- and from Moolap Scientific in Australia