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Gerber Instruments ... the comprehensive source of dairy lab supplies :
* Butyrometers, thermostatted water-baths, centrifuges, Gerber and Mojonnier method accessories
* Cryoscopes, Equipment for heat-treatment, reduction and sedimentation tests, viscometers
* Conductivity and pH meters, Dairy thermometers, Cheese and Meat pH probes, Thermo-hygrometers
* Precise Temperature-set Ovens, Incubators, Colony Counters, Analytical Balances
Gerber Catalog front cover

Gerber Instruments AG was founded by Dr. Niklaus Gerber in Switzerland more than 120 years ago.
His methods for measuring the quality of milk gave the Swiss dairy industry its international reputation, and made his products a global benchmark for dairy quality determination.
The Gerber catalogue has over eighty pages that list butyrometers, water-baths, cryoscopes, ovens, microbiology apparatus, milk sediment and acidity test equipment, dairy and food pH meters, dairy viscometers, powder volumeters, miscibility, clumping and pourability testers, dairy thermometers, thermohygrometers and cream testers.
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Cryoscope image

Since the addition of non-dairy components to milk will alter its freezing point, the technique of cryoscopy is used in the dairy industry as a sensitive method of quality control.
Changes in freezing point are often only fractions a degree, so a cryoscope ensures measurement reproducibility by 'super-cooling' the milk sample, triggering a rapid freezing by sample agitation, and then monitoring the subsequent temperature rise very precisely.
Although the freezing point of milk varies based on the type of animal, its diet and breed, industry regulators have set the standard freezing point for uncontaminated and undiluted milk.
If the freezing point of a sample is too high, it could indicate that water has been added to it. Milk samples that have a lower freezing point than the standard could be contaminated or spoiled.
Specifications of the Gerber Instruments Cryoscope

Compact III centrifuge image

The following methods can be done with the Compact III centrifuge :
- Fat determination according to Gerber and Babcock
- Solubility determination according to Gerber and ADPI
The Gerber centrifuge Compact III is safe and reliable, with these features:
- Strong sheet steel housing with an acid-resistant coating
- Cover lock to prevent opening of the centrifuge during operation
- Rapid shut-off, in the event of uneven loading or glass breakage
- Smooth rotation due to a flexible and precise motor bearing
- High reproducibility due to electronic speed regulation

Specifications of the Gerber Compact III centrifuge PDF logo

aw1 water activity meter image

Water activity is an important consideration for food product design and food safety :
it is defined as the ratio of the partial vapor pressure of water in a substance to the partial vapor pressure of pure water at the same temperature. Water evaporates from, or is absorbed by, a substance when its water activity is respectively greater or lesser than the relative humidity of its surroundings.
Additionally, the water activity value indicates how much water is 'bound' chemically in a food, relative to the 'free' water content. One of its practical applications is to monitor food storage conditions, to help prevent the growth of spoilage microorganisms such as salmonella and molds.
The most accurate measurement method known, dew point hygrometry, is used in this new Gerber Instruments meter.
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CT III cream tester image

The testing device for whipped cream, the new Gerber Instruments CT III, supports daily routine controls in the laboratory and in production. It delivers valuable measurement results for the safety and quality of your products. With the new Gerber CT III physical testing of the cream for whipping will give the following results :
- Whipping capability
- Maximum attainable whipping resistance
- Optimum whipping time
- Formability and settling (*with optional accessories)
The testing instrument for whipped cream CT III works according to the method of Prof. Dr. Mohr, the DLG as well as the Swiss Food Code. The cream sample is whipped under well-defined conditions : standardised sample beaker, standardised whip and a defined constant speed.
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micro-III centrifuge image

With the Gerber Micro III centrifuge the following methods can be carried out :
- Fat determination according to Gerber, or
- Fat determination according to Babcock
The Gerber centrifuge Micro III : high safety, reliability and these features :
- Strong sheet steel housing with an acid-resistant coating
- Cover lock to prevent opening of the centrifuge during operation
- Motor with elastic bearing for smooth running
- Precise electronic speed control
– Emergency shut-off if load uneven or sudden breakage of glass

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