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No-Break Nebulizers

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No-Break nebulizers for ICP sample introduction
- PTFE sample capillaries have a constant ID - blockage resistant
- no sample tube discontinuities : minimum blockages and memory effects
- self aspirating with aqueous, acidic and alkaline samples
- no sample tube turbulence : improved flow stability
*** three types :
 *  the Boreal : for 0.1ml/min to 1.3ml/min uptake
 *  the Zefyr : for 0.01ml/min to 0.05ml/min uptake
 *  the Lucida : for 0.001ml/min to 0.005ml/min uptake
- available for all makes of ICP-OES and ICP-MS instruments

No-Break nebulizer

No-Break nebulizer

Uptake vs Pressure

Lucida Aspiration

ICP Applications

ICP-OES/MS applications

A sample application:  QuDIN -  the Quasi-Direct Injection system

QuDIN device

  -   supplied with low-uptake concentric nebulizer
  -   Connects directly to base of ICP torch
  -   minimizes sample-passage 'dead-space'
  -   benefits of DIN, without the downside
  -   sample uptakes in the range 5 to 30 ul/min
  -   derived from the  'TISIS',  by  Todoli and Mermet :
     J. Anal. At. Spectrom.,  (2002),  Vol.17,  p.345