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Tyfoon ICP nebulizers for high-TDS samples

- based on research by Chen Shuyin and Lu Yunlong ...
  cf: Spectrochimica Acta, Vol.43B, No.3, pp.287-291, (1988)
- reduced susceptibility to salting up effects
- improved sensitivity and long-term stability
- self aspirating, made of glass or quartz
- see the ICP instruments page for the price of a Tyfoon to suit
Tyfoon nebulizer

Tyfoon ICP nebulizers are an original EPOND product
- developed in Switzerland and in use world-wide
- supplied with gas and sample tube fittings as standard
- available from EPOND GmbH in Switzerland
- and from Moolap Scientific in Australia

Maintaining glass and quartz concentric ICP nebulizers ...
- use the PEARL cleaning device regularly :